Infusion therapy treats a wide range of autoimmune diseases by providing the patient with medication administered intravenously or by injection. These therapy approaches are a safe and effective alternative when oral medication is not an option and a patient's condition is considered severe.

RAO is proud to provide infusion services to our patients within several of our clinic locations.  If your care team has determined an infusion is an appropriate treatment for you, our staff will work closely with your insurance to verify eligibility and obtain any authorizations that may be required through your insurance provider.  Typically, processing benefits can be completed as quickly as 24-48 hours, however, depending on insurance carrier or other requirements prior to treatment some may take 2-3 weeks.  Please expect to receive a phone call from our Patient Advocate listed below regarding your benefits and what costs, if any, you will be responsible for before the infusions have been initiated. 

For any questions regarding infusion please see contact information below:

Justine Smith | 405.407.7863  | North Infusion Office
Ashly Wittman | 405.407.7861 | South, Yukon, and Shawnee Infusion Offices

Infusion Manager:
Amber Lewis | 405.407.7860

Infusion Services

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